Last updated April 2017

(See Mission Statement)

The Academy for Lifelong Learning is an incorporated volunteer organization that offers a program of daytime study groups (workshops) for adults who are interested in self-directed peer learning. The academic program runs from September through April, followed by a series of six weekly Spring Talks. It also hosts a number of  social activities for members and guests throughout the year. A newsletter and this website provide up-to-date information about the Academy, its plans and activities.  All administrative work is handled by member volunteers; the Board of Directors is elected from and by the membership. There is no staff and no office.


A typical workshop has approximately 20 members and meets for two hours every other week at Knox College, 59 St. George Street. (see map). Each workshop is led by a volunteer facilitator who, in collaboration with the members, arranges the schedule of topics to be studied. The members of the workshop take turns presenting their chosen topics, and participate in the discussions that follow.


Early in May, registrants in any over-subscribed workshop are randomized in order to determine the waitlist sequence of that workshop. Three spaces in each workshop are reserved for new members (but more than three new members may join a workshop if there is space). At the beginning of July, any available spaces are allocated to those on waiting lists or those who wish to enrol in additional workshops.

Members may enrol in three workshops but may add a fourth in July if there is space in the chosen workshop. Members are expected to choose only those that they plan to attend regularly because many will have waiting lists. Members are contacted if a workshop they have chosen is full so they may select an alternative if they wish. Letters of confirmation are sent by email in mid-June.  Membership covers the full academic year, but changes may be made to the selection of workshops by contacting the Membership Committee.


The strength of the Academy lies in the active participation of every member.
Members are expected to attend regularly and participate in the activities of the group; to prepare for each session by doing background reading in order to take part in the discussions; and to research and present their topic of choice.

As a volunteer organization, the Academy has no paid staff and relies on its members to assist in running the program.  Accordingly, in time, members are encouraged to share in this work.


The fee for the academic year 2017/18 is $180. Applicants may register online using a credit card. (See registration1718.html). No receipt will be issued unless requested.  Refunds will not be offered after the end of September.