This page last updated September 2014

Communications Committee

Janet Broadley
Mike Foss (Ex-Officio)
Bridget Hough (Ass't Chair)
Marg Morriss (Past Chair)
Margaret Robertson (Ex-Officio)
Matthew Segal
Diane Smith (Chair)
Josie Szczasiuk (Ex-Officio)


Composition: The Communications Committee consists of a Chair, Deputy Chair, Past Chair, and other Academy members chosen by the Chair.

Terms of Reference: The aim of the Committee is to keep Academy members informed about Academy events (internal communications) and to provide information about the Academy to others (external communication). The committee handles the design, editing and printing of all materials that are generally distributed (e.g. newsletter, brochures,  notices of social events) and maintains the website, news line and the online Administrative Reference manual (ARM).

Internal Communications:
Consists of information members will need to fully take part in the affairs of the Academy, including

• producing the newsletter.
• maintaining the web site                   
• distributing email notifications.
• producing the Academy Calendar.
• designing and editing any Special Events flyers, invitations, etc.,
• editing notices of volunteer opportunities.
• maintaining the ALLTOgether news line
• maintaining the Knox bulletin boards.

External Communications:
Consists of maintaining a public profile within the academic and community sectors, including

• promoting the Spring Talks series by designing, editing and producing brochures, press releases, etc.
• promoting the Academy within the University and the community at large.
• maintaining an updated list of external contacts (e.g. U of T, the media, and other interested organizations or individuals

Reporting: A copy of committee meeting minutes is distributed to the President, Vice-president and Secretary prior to the monthly Board meeting and a summary is presented at the meeting by the Committee Chair.

Communications Committee Procedures

All Academy printed and web publications are produced by the communications committee. The principal publications are:

Academy News,

All Academy printed and web publications are produced by the communications committee. Principal publications are
• the newsletter using texts provided by Academy members.providing news and updates about Academy plans and activities. This newsletter is sent to all current members and to others whom the Board wished to be kept informed about the activities of the Academy.

         The newsletter is printed by
                                    Nexus Printing
                                    2239 Bloor St W
                                    Toronto ON M6S 1N7     
                                    416 767-2442

Web site:

The Academy’s web site,, is hosted by 2003820 Ontario Ltd, o/a Legacy Designs, 1400 Limeridge Road East, Unit 13, Hamilton ON L8W 1L7. Contact: Joe Butka, and managed by the web administrator. The Academy is invoiced quarterly for hosting.

The news line  (ALLTOgether) is maintained and updated by this committee with potential material submitted to the Chair and thence to the publisher.

The overall web site is one of the principal means by which the Academy handles internal and external communications. The committee transmits to the Web Administrator copies of all Academy communications (including the Calendar) for posting on the Web site. Web site maintenance is the responsibility of the communications committee.

The Calendar, issued in May, sets out registration policies and describes the workshops being offered for the coming year. The policies are drafted by the registration committee and approved by the Board. The workshop descriptions are provided by the curriculum committee. Production is handled by the communications committee, photocopying by the printing department at Victoria University. This handbook is mailed to members,to potential members and to others whom the Board wishes to be kept informed about the scope of the Academy’s work. The May mailing includes the Registration Form prepared by the membership committee. Those who wish to join the Academy complete the form, or its e-mail equivalent, to show which workshops they wish to attend, write a cheque or advise re: pay-pal and send to the Academy.

A list of those whom the Board wishes to be kept informed about the Academy, including a list of potential members of the Academy (based upon personal contacts, inquiries made by phone and mail) is kept by the Database and updated by the communications committee and the membership committee.

The Academy Reference Manual for Volunteers, which appears on the Academy’s web site includes
• contact data for all Board and committee members
• notes on routine administrative arrangements such as banking, printing, and the like which underpin the activities of the Academy
• a month by month calendar of the tasks that must be performed to maintain the Academy’s programs
• information for facilitators
• contact data for all volunteers
• details of committee procedures and advice to all who work for the Academy.

The Academy Reference Manual for Volunteers is kept up to date by the Reference Manual Editor