This page last updated September 2014

Curriculum Committee

Dugal Campbell (Chair)
Richard Guisso
Linda Lockyer
Gillian Long (Ass't Chair)
James Lutz
Yvette Matyas
Jim Pike
Janet Roblin
Mandy Thomson
Nancy Walsh (Past Chair)


The Curriculum committee will consist of a chair, assistant chair, and other Academy members chosen by the chair.

Terms of Reference: The responsibilities of this committee are:

•  Recruiting members to facilitate workshops.
•  In collaboration with facilitators, developing a program and schedule of workshops.
•  Soliciting and assessing workshop proposals based on the principle of self-directed peer learning and the Criteria for Selecting Workshops.    
•  Producing workshop descriptions, schedule and other information for the annual Calendar
•  Organizing (including invitations and refreshments) the Facilitators’ Forum.
•  Conducting workshop evaluations and and facilitator feedback surveys.
•  Delivering Audio Visual and other training sessions for members throughout the year as need dictates.

Each year the Academy offers approximately 40 workshops to its members, attempting to provide new and stimulating subject matter. In order to present a varied program, the Curriculum Committee must be flexible each year in scheduling workshops, both recurring and new, at different times and on different days. While the Committee makes a sincere effort to accommodate the scheduling requests of Facilitators, there is no guarantee that a workshop continuing for several years can always retain a specific time or day.

Current Facilitators are phoned in December to ask if they plan to continue their workshop in the following year or to facilitate a workshop on a different subject. At that time, while they may state their schedule preferences for two different times/days/week, they are not guaranteed these slots in the schedule. In January the Curriculum Committee recruits more facilitators who are similarly asked for their preferences. The Committee chair prepares a draft Calendar of Workshops with course descriptions and facilitator bios as well as a draft schedule. Once these documents have been approved by the Curriculum and Communications Committees, they are returned to the facilitators for final approval.

Reporting: A copy of committee meeting minutes is distributed to the President, Vice-president and Secretary prior to the monthly Board meeting and a summary is presented at the meeting by the Committee Chair.