Art Crime: Fraud, Plunder And Theft Of Culture

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Bi-weekly - Week 2 ; Tuesday ; 10am - 12pm

Terms 1 and 2 - Via Zoom.    Space available

Not just the theft of beautiful items for pride of ownership or monetary gain, art crime is the theft of history and the appropriation of culture. Join us to explore topics such as the impacts of archaeological theft and tomb raiding, looting by invading armies, cultural reappropriation, vandalism and free speech, copyright, art crime in the digital age, and the impact of art crime on the future of cultural institutions. And we may even admire the skill of a forger or the daring of a gentleman thief!  

Everyone is expected to give a 20-minute presentation on their topic and to participate in discussions. There is no assigned reading list, but a bibliography will be provided. 


Cathy Spark ( is a passionate, lifelong student of social history, and loves to share her interests in workshops with other curious learners. She has facilitated a number of workshops over the last 5 years on topics as varied as the Cultural History of Food and Drink and Conspiracy Theories. 

Susan Gaston ( has been a member of the Academy for the past six years and has enjoyed facilitating workshops with her husband and Cathy Spark. 

Workshop Notes:

Topics for Inspiration