Investigative Journalism That Changed The World

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Bi-weekly – Week 1 ; Tuesday ; 10am – 12pm

Terms 1 & 2 via Zoom     Space available

For centuries, investigative reporters have faced legal threats, hostility and physical danger to fight corruption, expose abuses of power, and promote accountability. 

Together we will explore the great pieces of investigative journalism on topics such as lynching, Dachau, McCarthyism, Watergate, the My Lai massacre, Fast Food Nation, opioids and the war on terrorism. Is investigative journalism a dying form? We will consider its relevance in the time of fake newsand discuss formats from social media through 60 Minutes and Propublica. 

Everyone is expected to give a 20-minute presentation on their topic and to participate in discussions. There is no assigned reading list, but a bibliography will be provided. 


Cathy Spark ( is a passionate, lifelong student of social history, and loves to share her interests in workshops with other curious learners. She has facilitated a number of workshops over the last 5 years on topics as varied as the Cultural History of Food and Drink and Conspiracy Theories.

Brian Gaston ( is a retired civil engineer who worked in the transportation sector his entire career.He is a long-term Academy member, and has held many volunteer positions such as Facilitator, Tech Team Leadership and President.He is keenly interested in responsible journalism, and has attended a number of workshops related to the topic. 

Workshop Notes: