10 Benefits of Lifelong Learning

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Experience the Benefits of Lifelong Learning

When we stop working for a living, our brains don’t stop learning and exploring. We are designed to never stop learning and exploring!

Our ability to learn throughout our lives is a big part of what has made us the most successful species on the planet. We’re not the biggest, or the fastest species, but we can uniquely adapt to new environments; adjust to feedback when we make mistakes, and apply solutions from one area to another to resolve problems. When we reach “retirement age”, we have also gained a lot of wisdom to share with others.

If we can all integrate lifelong learning into our lives, we will reap many benefits.

The following are ten specific benefits that lifelong learning brings to our lives:

  1. Keeping brain cells working at optimum levels, so  that we stay sharp.
  2. Fueling our natural curiosity about topics we didn’t have time to pursue earlier.
  3. Discovering new opportunities and possibilities of interest.
  4. Enlarging social relationships to include people with a similar interest in ideas and issues.
  5. Staying relevant and able to tackle the issues in a changing world.
  6. Increasing knowledge of ourselves and others.
  7. Improving skills in presenting ideas and discussing topics.
  8. Experiencing the camaraderie of a new “cohort,” at a time when many work-related relationships disappear.
  9. Accomplishing personal learning goals.
  10. Living a more rewarding life.

There are many ways to become a lifelong learner including joining a lifelong learning organization. At the Academy for Lifelong Learning Toronto, members can join workshops / courses and special interest groups (offered in-person and online), attend talks and socialize and get fit on guided walks.


by Caroline Gray

Caroline Gray is a member of the Academy for Lifelong Learning Toronto and was recognized in 2019 for being one of the 10 Most Influential Educational Leaders in Canada by Knowledge Review magazine.

Updated April 21, 2023