Celebrating the Season in Style!

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The annual Holiday Luncheon at the Faculty Club was an especially joyous occasion today, December 11th.  A capacity crowd of elegantly attired Academy members were enjoying a delicious festive buffet and chatting animatedly with friends when President Doug Wilson rose to speak.  He first introduced our guest of honour, Dr Maureen MacDonald, the Dean of the School of Continuing Studies, and expressed our gratitude for her help and constant encouragement for Academy endeavours.

Then, after thanking John Weatherburn and his Special Events Committee for another expertly organized party, Doug announced that the Academy’s new home will be in Tartu College, most conveniently located on Bloor Street. Although the location has been something of an open secret for some weeks, the announcement that an agreement has finally been signed was greeted with surprise and delight.

Doug paid especial tribute to Sharon Harris for her tireless efforts negotiating on our behalf and to Brian Gaston and his relocation search committee who spent many hours searching for the perfect location for us.  Your roving reporter adds that Doug himself is deserving of much gratitude for his patience and persistence.  Tartu is a good fit for us.

After this exciting news, the dessert table seemed particularly delicious! Members lingered, chatting over coffee, in these congenial and warm surroundings until they really had to venture out into the cold again.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Gillian Long

A Good Time Was Had By All

The Goodies