George Davies – In Memoriam

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George Davies


George Davies was a kind, gentle and insightful person who cared for the needs of others.  Through the many roles that he played as a professional, colleague, friend, and family man, he was highly regarded as someone with integrity, a strategic thinker who was not afraid to speak up defending the truth.

George was a valued member of the Academy’s Economist readers’ workshop.

Born in North Bay, July 10, 1946, George took pride in growing up in various communities throughout Ontario, including Toronto. After graduating from the University of Toronto, majoring in Economics and Political Science, he gave up scholarship offers for graduate studies (John Hopkins and Michigan University) and volunteered to work in Tanzania for the Canadian University Services Overseas on regional economic development and planning. The experience kickstarted his life-long dedication to serve others.

After working for more than 40 years in the public and private sectors, George retired in 2013. He enjoyed travelling, reading and participating at various interest groups (such as his beloved book club).

This is as excerpt from a longer document provided by George’s wife, Suk.