Have an Idea for a Workshop?

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Lightbulb representing idea for workshop or course.

The success of the Academy is based on courses / workshops that focus on peer learning.  Each year the Academy seeks to develop and to offer a variety of new workshops in addition to long-standing ones. This year the Curriculum Committee would like to include some suggestions arising from the ongoing Long Range Planning deliberations.

We are cautiously considering experimenting with ways to expand our traditional workshop delivery of biweekly, two-term sessions (in-person workshops on Monday and Wednesday – Friday and Zoom on Tuesday). These could include concentrated, short-term, spring or summer sessions; one-term sessions; as well as workshops offering experiential learning opportunities (cultural events / exhibits / classes, with structured discussion to follow).

We rely on you, our members, to propose and develop new workshop topics and to coordinate their implementation.

Please share your ideas for new and engaging workshops with the Curriculum Committee.