Jim McCartney – In Memoriam 

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It is with sadness that I must tell you that Jim McCartney died on March 15, 2024, just a week after his 88th birthday.

Jim and I were co-facilitators of the Economist Readers for many years. Jim was also a valued member of many workshops during his time with the Academy. He had a wealth of knowledge about history, a subject he had taught in high school.  Jim was a great outdoors man, enjoying canoeing, hiking and cycling.

I know the Economist Readers will remember Jim’s great contributions to the group with his wit and wisdom, and the great garden parties we enjoyed that he and his wife, Ingrid, hosted almost every June.

Jim had suffered from a couple of bad falls over the past few years and was not able to participate in the sessions as he used to.

He is greatly missed.

Linda Tu


Here is a link to the obituary that was printed in the Globe and Mail on Saturday, March 23, 2024.