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Randomization of over-subscribed workshops will occur on June 3. Randomization offers a fairer way of determining acceptance into a workshop than first-come, first-served because everyone has an equal chance of getting in.

Annual General Meeting

The Academy’s AGM will take place on Friday, June 7, 10:00 am, in the Main Hall of Tartu. Tartu is at 310 Bloor west; use Madison Ave entrance. Coffee and snacks will be provided.


Please let John Weatherburn (johnweatherburn74@gmail.com) know if you are coming. Guests are welcome. Rain or shine.

Walmer Road Walk

Tuesday, June 4, 11:00am
Leader: Simon Pearson
Meet: Heath St. exit from St. Clair West subway station
Route: Walmer Road, from just above St. Clair to Bloor St., is not direct. We will explore this interesting road, including a little bit of Forest Hill Village.
Lunch: Duke of York, 39 Prince Arthur Ave.

Brickworks Walk

Tuesday, June 11, 11:00am
Leader: Mike Foss
Meet: Summerhill subway station
Route: From Summerhill down the road to Brickworks trails
Lunch: Picnic Cafe at the Brickworks, then shuttle bus to Broadview OR continue walking to Rosedale station and have a later lunch (1:30) in that area

Humber North Walk

Tuesday, June 25, 11:00am
Leader: Josie Szczasiuk
Meet: Old Mill subway
Route: North on west side to Dundas Bridge and back to Jane/Bloor for lunch
Lunch: Dark Horse Pub, 2401 Bloor St. west