Moe Hosseini-Ara: Toronto Public Library’s Director of Branch Operations and Customer Experience – “How One of the Best Library Systems in North America Navigates Our Complex World” on Wed., January 31, 2024 at 1:15 pm (Winter 2024 Forum #2)

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Moe Hosseina Ara from Toronto Public Library.

Libraries are no longer just books on shelves. Now they are hubs for educational, language, vocational, social, and community services. Today’s libraries must meet the needs of newcomers and deal with funding cuts, technological change and demands for political correctness. Moe Hosseini-Ara will guide us through these complexities and update us on the recent cyber-attack that took aim at the system.

Moe Hosseini-Ara is TPL’s Director of Branch Operations and Customer Experience, responsible for all aspects of customer service, community outreach and operations in TPL’s 100 branches, including capital projects. He is a graduate of York University and University of Western Ontario’s School of Library and Information Science. Starting as a library page at age 13 in the North York system, his library career has spanned more than 30 years.