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Quick Facts on Registration and Randomization Process

When and Why are Registrations Randomized?

In response to some concerns about randomization being raised, an adhoc committee, stemming from the Long Range Planning consultation meetings in the Fall of 2023, was struck.

Some academy members did not get into the workshops they wanted and asked why can’t the Academy use first come, first served for registration like other later life learning organizations. Members excluded from their workshop choice were upset.

For oversubscribed courses only randomization offers an objective way to select which registrants get a spot, rather than first come, first served plan.

This is a fairer way, since everybody has the same chance of getting in.

The main issues with first come, first served are:

  1. It’s not fair to people who are unavailable at the exact day or time when registration opens and/or have technical issues registering.
  1. It would be impossible for the Membership Committee to process the registration requests as soon and in the order they are entered. It is already a demanding process.

The Committee examined the use of randomization and ways to enhance it.

Some examples of Members’ comments during the ad-hoc committee meetings:

“No argument against randomization, except some people may get upset if they do not get in the workshop of their choice. But that would also happen in a first come, first served scenario.”

“I have been randomized out several times and I know it’s not a nice feeling, but at least randomization gives everyone an equal chance.”

The ad-hoc committee concluded that randomization in registration is preferable to first come, first served approach with the following improvements.

  1. No Member shall be randomized out more than once.
  2. Members should select Workshops in order of preference, so that if possible, no Member shall be randomized out of his/her first choice.

Registering for Workshops will include the continuing randomization process with these improvements (approved at January Board meeting).

Members will be reminded when they register to select first the Workshop in which they are most interested.