Academy Memoir Group – “Writing About Our Mothers” on Wed., October 18, 2023, at 1:15 p.m. (Fall Forum #2)

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Memoir writers

Everyone has, or has had, a mother. The quality of one’s relationship with this giver of life depends on many things. To name but a few: the physical and emotional stability of the mother; the customs and practices of her culture; and, her location within the distribution of resources of her country and her era.

Six women who met through the Academy found common cause in writing about their mothers and mothering, stories and poems that shine a light on each of their significant differences in experiences and outcomes. From their collaboration came Mother Load: Memoirs of Struggle and Strength, published in December 2022 by Demeter Press.

The authors are: Brenda M. Doyle (“psychologist and sometime writer”); Melanie Faye (“retired psychotherapist, always learning”); Nancy Garrow (“committed community volunteer and avid traveller”);  Kathy Honickman (“living stories, loving stories, sharing stories”); Jennifer Walcott (“Jamaican and Canadian teacher, writer, editor”); and Ellen O’Donnell Walters (“author and educator.”)

Hear them share their stories and their journey to this achievement, as well as what they learned about themselves and one another in its making.

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