Academy Forum – September 22, 2021 – 2:15 pm – via Zoom

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Adoption: A Matter of Truth, Equal Rights and Identity

Karen Lynn and Michelle Edmunds will speak about their experiences of  adoption from two sides of the same coin - Karen, as a mother who surrendered her child, and Michelle, as a person who was adopted and the compelling case for transparency of adoption information.

Michelle Edmunds was taken from her mother and family at age two in Toronto. At age five she was told she was adopted, and for the next 30 years was on a quest to find her parents and identity. She has been an advocate for unsealing adoption information in Ontario for all adopted people and their parents.

Karen Lynn, after finding her 35-year old son, went on to establish the Canadian Council of Natural Mothers and with others, ASK, an adoption support group to lobby to unseal adoption records in Ontario.