Mark your calendars! Fall Forums are coming soon.

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Our first Fall Forum is at Tartu at 2:30 pm on Sept. 28th. The topic is The “New” Cold War?  U.S., Russia, and China and the International Order Today”. It is presented by Dr. Arne Kislenko a professor with the Department of History at Toronto Metropolitan (formerly Ryerson) University and an instructor in the Trinity One International Relations programme at Trinity College, U. of T.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and China’s rise as an economic and military power have prompted questions about the emergence of a ‘new’ global order, fundamentally challenging the norms and practices of an international system largely predicated on Western ideas and values. This talk will address some of the contemporary tensions between the three global powers, and the regional and international implications of several ‘flashpoints’ including the Russo-Ukrainian War, Chinese expansion in the South China Seas, and the perceived decline of American influence abroad.

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