The Beauty of Nature

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Leaping salmon, Humber River_Darragh

with thanks to Ian Daragh for this piece and the amazing photo that accompanies it

The annual migration of salmon is in full display along the shores of the Humber River. Here's a photo of a high-flying salmon trying to make it over the third dam on the Humber River, upstream from the Old Mill.

I used to catch fish with a rod and lures --- now I use a camera and lenses. This is terribly anthropomorphic, but somehow migrating salmon epitomize "determination and courage" as they single-mindedly try to reach their spawning grounds -- no human-made barrier is too large to try to overcome.

This salmon has mistimed his jump -- he launched out of the river too far away from the dam, and slammed into the spillway with a thump, rather than sailing over the lip of the dam.

A gull waits patiently to feast on migrating salmon that have succumbed to exhaustion or are injured from smashing into rocks or the wall of the dam.