All About Sherlock – NEW

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Biweekly, Tuesday, 2-4, Week 1         Room 5      Space available

Channel your inner “Dr. Watson” and join us in unravelling the world of one of the greatest fictional detectives in literature: Sherlock Holmes. Why is this fictional detective, created over 100 years ago, still part of our popular culture? We will read 10 Sherlock Holmes short stories over the course of the workshop and discuss plot, characters, and their effect on mystery writing from 1887 to the present day. Workshop participants will give a presentation on potential topics such as forensic science, logical reasoning, Scotland Yard, Victorian medicine and villains, to name a few!


Brian Gaston, Brian is a professional engineer who graduated from the University of Toronto in 1978. After a long career with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, he retired from his position as Assistant Deputy Minister in 2011. He served as President of the Academy during the 2017/18 academic year.

Sue Gaston, is a retired office administrator and has been a member of the Academy for the past three years, She is an avid reader, photographer and quilter, and enjoys all that the Academy has to offer,

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All About Sherlock

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