Anglo-Saxons (410 – 1066 CE)

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Bi-weekly – Week 1 : Wednesday ; 10am – 12pm

Term 1 via Zoom; Term 2 – Tartu (tbc)     Space Available

Britain was invaded many times, but while the Romans, Vikings and Normans ruled England for many years, the only invaders that left a lasting legacy were the Anglo-Saxons. The Anglo-Saxon period spans six centuries from the middle of the fifth century to the Norman Conquest.  

In this workshop, we will look at how they influenced the English language, their contributions to literature – the writings of Bede, Alfred the Great, Beowulf. We will examine the invasions as migrations – where the Anglo-Saxons came from, where the different tribes settled (Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians), how they differed and how they interacted with one another and other tribes such as the Picts, Scots and Irish. Further topics include the effects of the Viking invasions and the Norman conquest on the Anglo-Saxon population.  

Everyone is expected to make one twenty-minute presentation structured around topics selected for discussion.  


Pat Maltby (p.a.maltby@gmail.comhas been an Academy member since her retirement. She loves singing and listening to choral music. Other interests include bicycling, long walks and reading. She has been interested in English history for many years, and visits London as often as she can. 

Dorothy Harper ( joined the Academy 6 years ago, and has enjoyed it ever since. She has a background in Clinical and School Psychology, working in both Toronto and Montreal. Now she enjoys reading, films, cooking, gardening, volunteering, and is an amateur naturalist.  

Ann Mummenhoff ( is interested in discussing topics in current affairs, biography, politics and history and looks forward to expanding her knowledge of British history at the Academy. 

Workshop Notes: