Architecture: A Closer Look At Architectural Features

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Biweekly, Thursday, 2-4, Week 1     Room 5     Space available

This workshop will focus on architectural features such as windows, doors, roofs, stairways, columns and arches, as well as building materials like concrete, wood and glass. By exploring their origins and development, we hope to better understand and appreciate what we see around us today. A suggestion list will be provided, or members can choose their own favourite, in order to prepare a 20-minute illustrated presentation, followed by group discussion that explores the history and evolution of that particular feature, as highlighted by important buildings and architects. Think of Ghiberti’s baptistery doors or Calatrava’s curvaceous columns!


Gillian Long, has always admired a graceful staircase or an elegant door. Now she hopes to learn more about such architectural details, as well as construction methods and materials.

Yvette Matyas, worked for more than 20 years in health care administration, including leading teams and facilitating retreats. She has co-facilitated architecture workshops for several years and is particularly interested in Toronto architecture.

Facilitator Notes:

Architecture – Suggested Topics

Presentation Schedule – November 2018