The Honourable David Crombie – “Why the Upcoming Mayoral Race Matters.” 0n Wednesday, April 19 at 10:15 a.m. (Spring Talk # 2) at Innis College, 2 Sussex Avenue.

The Honourable David Crombie After serving as one of Toronto’s most popular mayors from 1972-78, Crombie moved to federal politics and served as a cabinet minister in a number of important portfolios. On his return to municipal affairs he continues to make a number of significant contributions: as Chair of the Royal Commission on the Future of…

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John Fraser: Integrity in the Fourth Estate: Ensuring Media Remains Ethical and Honest in a Digital Age, on Wednesday, April 12 at 10:15 a.m. (Spring Talk #1) at Innis College, 2 Sussex Avenue.

John Fraser is a renowned Toronto journalist, editor, author and scholar. His adventurous career has taken him from being the Globe and Mail’s “eyes on the ground” in China in the late seventies, to facilitating ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov’s defection to the West, to being the beloved Master of Toronto’s Massey College . It is…

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Registration for 2023/24 Workshops Is Open!

Registration for 2023 / 24 Workshops is now open. Click the Join / Renew button at the top of our website to renew or join the Academy and then you will be able to select your preferred workshops / courses. Note that it is NOT first come, first serve. You have an equal chance of getting into a workshop until we do Randomization in early June (date TBD). Check out our Workshops Page for a list of the workshops the Academy is offering for the coming year.

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Workshop Descriptions and Two Weeks At a Glance For 2023-2024 Are Now Available

Our curriculum committee has been hard at work with our facilitators compiling the workshop offerings for next year. As of now, you can find the new schedule and full workshop descriptions on our website. You may also browse the workshops for the coming year arranged by subject/category. Have fun browsing and make your selections before registration opens on April 1, 2023. Details about registration will be provided on the website closer to the April 1 date. Workshops will be offered both in-person and online via Zoom. Looking forward to a great year ahead.

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Events Of The Fortnight

Bi-weekly;  Week One;  Friday;  2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

This workshop is focused on discussions of current events. Members suggest topics of interest; they are expected to be aware of events reported in the various media and to come prepared to discuss them. Each session will begin with a listing of the proposed events of interest, followed by a short introduction of each event by the member who suggested it, and then by discussion.

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The History Of Women

Bi-weekly;  Week Two; Thursday;  12:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.
In-person **NEW**

We will discuss the role women played in society throughout the ages from hunter-gatherers to modern times.  While women are over half the population, standard history and anthropology texts say little about women and what they accomplished.  And though it is a story often left untold, assumptions about women’s roles abound.  However, current scholarship is changing those assumptions and the findings may surprise you.

We will examine many similar findings about women that demolish the myth of the ‘weaker sex’.  We will shine a light on the little-known history of women, and to do so we will enlist the work of modern historians, archeologists, anthropologists, biologists, economists, and sociologists.  In disentangling the past, we will learn about the stellar accomplishments of little-known female artists, writers, and scientists as well as ground-breaking discoveries by women that were credited to men.

Participants may choose to present from a wide range of topics.

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Exploring the World of Podcasts

Bi-weekly;  Week One;  Wednesday;  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
In-person **NEW**

Podcasts are a relatively new use of technology to share information, expand our understanding of the world as well as to entertain us while we go about our active lives.  There is a topic for every interest. This workshop aims to explore the world of podcasts by examining those that tackle a variety of topics (example: The Daily by New York Times journalists) to ones that delve deeply into specific subjects (Science Friday) to ones that tell a story (The Memory Palace).  We will examine how to choose podcasts that are both reliable and enjoyable. Workshop participants will select a topic, and explore up to three podcasts on that topic.  Each presenter will recommend that fellow participants listen to one of their chosen podcasts prior to the presentation and discussion which the presenter will lead.  Presentation topics may include the biographical sketch of the podcast host(s) and guests, format and style, and quality of the information.

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Object Lessons

Bi-weekly;  Week Two;  Monday; 12:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.
In-person    **NEW**

Object Lessons utilises the growing field of material culture studies to examine the hidden lives of ordinary objects. We will create a critical framework based on the series of concise books, essays, and a blog by the same name – a joint effort of Bloomsbury Press and The Atlantic magazine. There are many titles in the series, which continues to expand. Participants can choose a book or an essay to share. Examples of recent titles are Veil, Cell Tower, and Coffee. They can also bring a personal item to analyze with the group. To glimpse the intrigue that the analysis of objects can bring to the fore, you can consult the series website:

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The Brains Behind Scientific Revolutions

Bi-weekly;  Week Two;  Monday 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

In-person **NEW**

The ways we interpret the physical universe and its actions has changed significantly throughout the ages. We no longer consider the ‘Four Elements of Matter’ or the ‘Humours of Living Organisms’ to be a sufficient explanation of how things are. In this workshop we will investigate the people behind the changing theories and their motivations from earliest astronomy to the state of science we have today.

Workshop participants will be expected to research this development and make a short (approximately 30 minute) presentation to the group. More information and suggested topics will be posted to the Workshop notes.

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