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Biweekly, Tuesday, 10 – 12, Week 1    Space available
Room 1

Join us to drill beneath the surface of the largest empire in history. This foremost global power staked claims from the freezing tundra of  northern territories to the torrid heat of Africa. At one time it had a population of 412 million people (23% of the world’s population). From the Age of Discovery in the 15th century to decolonization in the 20th, the Empire brought great benefits, but also hid significant darkness. During the workshop, we will explore the legacy of this Empire “on which the sun never sets” in the fields of law, politics, human rights, economics, trade, exploration, culture (music, art and food) and linguistics. With a broad range of subjects from which to select, and no required readings, you will have the freedom to explore in detail any topic that inspires you, and every session will have plenty of time for lively discussion. Each participant will be expected to give a 20-minute presentation.


Cathy Spark ( A marketing, strategic communications and change management practitioner, Cathy is passionately curious about all things social history. She likes nothing better than sharing that excitement by exploring and exchanging ideas with others.

Workshop notes:

The British Empire – presentation schedule

British Empire Topics June 14