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Biweekly, Friday, 12 – 2, Week 1



Canadians have fought in four foreign wars since Confederation (The Boer War, WWI, WWII, and Korea). They also fought, in Canada, in two wars before Confederation (The War of 1812 and The US Civil War) and have participated in multinational operations and various United Nations peacekeeping programs since 1945.

Participants are expected to prepare a 20-minute presentation. Among possible topics, presenters may choose to speak about the political issues faced by the governments of the day with respect to sending Canadian troops overseas; the military engagements in which they fought during each war; the social and economic impact of the war on the home front; and the post-war impact affecting both Canada and its status on the world stage.


Jeff Biteen ( is a retired Human Resources executive and history buff. He previously co-facilitated the Makers of the French Revolution workshop.

Gerry Rosenberg ( is a retired senior executive. He likes to read about history, especially 20th century, and current affairs. He enjoys traveling the world and sharing his experiences.

Workshop Notes:

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