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Biweekly, Monday, 12 – 2, Week 1
space available

Reports of Indigenous people’s issues and actions are everywhere in the media.  Join us for an Academy year of discovery.  By focusing on the realities of life in a variety of Northern communities, we will get to know their history, geography, economic and climate challenges, and creative expressions – all the issues that make them such an important yet little-known part of Canada and the world.  Participants will be expected to make an approximately 20 minute presentation on the pertinent aspects of a community selected from a list provided by the co-facilitators.  During the Fall Term, there will be one presentation at each workshop, followed by extended discussion time.  In the Winter Term – conditions permitting – we will be able to gather in our classrooms at Tartu, and to supplement our discussion with videos and documentaries.


Marilyn Friesen ( has a rare knowledge and love of the Canadian Arctic, having taken 21 trips there, including a year-long residency in the woods of the Northwest Territories. A graduate of Physical and Occupational Therapy at U. of T., it is not surprising that her activities include white water canoeing, kayaking, and backpacking.

Clare Mian ( is a retired teacher and administrator at both the elementary and secondary level. She enjoys history and politics and has recently added the study of Indigenous peoples to her lifelong interest in Africa and the Middle East. She takes courses at U. of T. and occasionally writes for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

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