China Rising – NEW

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Biweekly, Wednesday, 10-12, Week 1     Room 5     Workshop Full

As the Trump policy of “America First” shrinks American influence on the global stage, Xi Jinping‘s signature initiative, called “The China Dream,” is increasingly expanding China’s role in such 21st-century concerns as trade and globalization, climate change, and shifting political re-configurations in Asia and elsewhere. Is China’s massive, multi-billion dollar investment in “One Belt, One Road” creating a new Silk Road that includes not just Eurasia, but also Africa and South America? Each participant will be expected to make a 20-30-minute presentation and to read a short 2-3 page article emailed to all participants prior to each session.


Joan McCordic ( studied Philosophy and English, founded Prologue to the Performing Arts and is enjoying a wide variety of workshops and volunteer jobs at the Academy.

Philip Wong ( retired after a career of 30+ years in Information Technology and Project Management. Currently he is a member of the Academy’s Curriculum Committee and Technical Leadership team.

Rick Guisso (  has facilitated a number of Asian-focused workshops, studying the histories of China, Japan and the countries of the Ottoman Empire. He is keenly interested in exploring China’s expanding role in today’s world.


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