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Biweekly, Monday, 2 – 4, Week 1
space available

Climate change (Global Warming) is not going away during this pandemic year of 2020/21. With all of this extra time on our hands, has YOUR thinking changed? Has the world’s changed?

Bring your opinions to this workshop and be part of an exploration of an updated look at the causes, effects, mitigations, and adaptations to climate change. Topics include the effects we can see today; anthropogenic causes; tipping points; effects on global economic activities; adaptations and their costs; impacts on human health and the natural world; population migrations; and present-day mitigations. When do we stop burning fossil fuel? What should we do as Canadians?

With our smaller-sized 2-semester workshop this coming year we are asking each participant to do a 20-minute presentation and, optionally, two.

We will have extended discussion time and plan for dialogs and possibly a debate in the 2ndsemester and are open to suggestions.


Ron Miller ( had a long career in the aerospace industry after graduating as an engineer from McGill University. He now spends his time making up for his narrow science and engineering education by participating in many Academy workshops. Ron is interested in multidisciplinary topics such as climate change when he is not playing tennis. Ron co-facilitated the Iran workshop in 2018/19.

Laura Tyson ( worked in the airline industry after studying sociology and history at York University. She has spent the last 18 years working as a PI and conducting market research in retail sales. She is a volunteer Caring Clown and amateur actor/singer. Laura is presently working on an inter-generational initiative with seniors and high school students using singing and music.

Workshop Notes: