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Biweekly, Wednesday, 10 – 12, Week 2
space available

Once limited to fringe audiences, conspiracy theories have become commonplace in mass media, emerging as a cultural phenomenon. Belief in these theories has become a topic of interest for sociologists, psychologists, and experts in folklore.

In this workshop we will look at theories in areas such as space exploration; sports; climate science; health and medicine; government and politics; extra-terrestrials and UFOs; ethnicity, race, and religion; espionage, and deaths and disappearances. We will explore how such conspiracies get started, who creates them and why; who adopts them; and their impacts.

The workshop promises to provide lots of material for lively discussion. Each participant will be required to give a 20-minute presentation. There will not be a required reading list, but we will develop a detailed bibliography for further exploration.


Cathy Spark ( A marketing, strategic communication and change management practitioner, Cathy is passionately curious about all things social history. She likes nothing better than sharing that excitement by exploring and exchanging ideas with others.

Sue Gaston ( is a retired office administrator and has been a member of the Academy for the past four years. She is an avid reader, photographer, and quilter, and enjoys all that the Academy has to offer.

Workshop Notes:

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