Can “I” Survive And Thrive In A Digital Age – NEW

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Biweekly, Friday, 12-2, Week 1     Room 5     Space Available

Some of us fear technology, some of us are eager to embrace it: it offers both threats and promises to the human brain. In this workshop we will discuss how technology is changing us and our society, and seek a balanced approach to the future. Is it possible to welcome technology as an enabler while maintaining and celebrating our value-centred humanity? To stimulate interest and discussion, participants will be offered a variety of approaches through articles and videos, and will be asked to choose one topic to explore and present to the group during the course of the year.


Caroline Gray ( is a recently retired executive in the field of technology-based learning who continues to do some consulting in that area. She has degrees in both philosophy and education, and is currently writing a book on the Self.

Jim Pike ( is an engineer who worked at IBM in a number of sales and marketing roles. Cottaging, travel and technology augment his continued interest in the Academy.


Facilitator Notes:


Where Am “I”? The Self in a Digital Age



At a time when we are facing such large environmental, economic and social problems and turning almost reflexively to technology to provide answers, this course considers another approach. We take a journey inward, to explore who we are and what we could be doing as individuals to help our society move in more human centered directions.

REQUIREMENTS – Optional readings, make 1 twenty-minute presentation and actively participate in the discussions.

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