Empowered – Fitness And Health As We Age

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Bi-weekly – Week 2 ; Monday ; 2pm – 4pm

Term 1 – via Zoom; Term 2 – Tartu (tbc)     Space available

By mixing hard science with how-to tips, this workshop puts FUN back into Fitness.  We’ll cover the science behind the physical fitness imperative and various ways we can become fit or maintain our fitness as we age.  Participants will learn the basic requirements for exercise for older adults in Canada and Internationally, and how to implement them.  Participants will also learn how to maximize the benefits of exercise through nutrition.  Topics will cover scientific studies establishing how exercise has been shown to reduce the likelihood of getting many illnesses as well as how it can mitigate the impact of illnesses and improve lifespan.  As well, participants will learn about many exercise modalities.  Tips and ways to avoid a sedentary lifestyle will be shared.  Depending on weather and the pandemic, we’ll hopefully find time to get outside and take walks in the woods and maybe even exercise in the park! 


Priscilla Platt has been a life-long fitness enthusiast.  After her retirement she became a certified Pilates Instructor and has been leading fitness classes ever since. 

Sue Wessenger also considers the pursuit of fitness as a major life motivator.  Sue is an almost retired educator who with a strong science background. She is interested in participating in a variety of Academy offerings and expanding her knowledge by contributing and learning from others. 

Workshop Notes:

Workshop Notes and Suggested Topics