1. General

What do I get for my annual membership fee?

In addition to participating in three workshops (possibly four if space permits), members can attend Fall & Winter Forums, the Spring Talks series, city walks & other social events. There may be an additional cost for some of the social events. In addition, members have an opportunity to meet & get to know interesting people with shared interests.

I am interested in facilitating a workshop. What do I do?

Please contact the current chair of the Curriculum Committee for details. You can also keep an eye on the website, where information will be posted when planning for the next sessions begins.

I would like to volunteer. What opportunities are open to me? Who do I contact for more information?

We are always looking for new members and fresh ideas. Click here for a list of committees to see if there is anything that interests you; there are also special purpose groups, such as the Tech team which supports members with their IT and presentation needs. You may contact the Chair of any of the committees for more information or to offer your help. You may also speak to the Volunteer Coordinator, Rhona Wolpert

What do I do if I have something I would like to have posted on the News Page?

Any items for the News page may be emailed to website@allto.ca.

May I bring a guest to Academy events?

Guests are welcome at the Spring Talks (for a nominal fee of $10 per guest). Also workshops welcome guests if space permits. Check with your workshop facilitator(s) to inquire about bringing a guest to a session.

I have an idea for a newsletter item. To whom do I send it?

Ideas for newsletter pieces may be sent to communications@allto.ca

If I have a change in address, phone, or email, whom do I notify?

Please send any change in your personal contact details to registration@allto.ca so that our records can remain current.

Is the personal information I provide to the Academy secure and private?

Yes, all personal information is secure. Check our Personal Information Protection Policy for details.

Is there a special price for couples or for partial courses?

No, there is no special pricing for couples or for courses taken for only part of the year. Membership fees are for three (possibly four) workshops, the forums, Spring Talks, and various other events. Members may participate in all or some of these activities as they wish.

What are the various fee pricing options?

Regular members, including those serving on Committees and the Board of the Academy, pay the full price. Facilitators who undertake to lead a full course / courses on their own receive free membership for the year. Those who co-facilitate two courses are also treated as a sole facilitator for the purposes of the membership fee. Co-facilitators pay half price. Workshops that have three facilitators each pay 1/3 of the full membership price.

What is Associate Membership?

Past Academy members that are no longer able to participate in the full range of activities may register as Associate Members. For a reduced fee Associates may participate in Academy events other than the workshops.

2. Registration

What does it mean if I am on a waiting list for a workshop?

In May of each year, waiting lists are created for oversubscribed workshops. As spots often open up, it is likely that individuals on the waiting list will be able to be accommodated. There is, however, no guarantee. If you are not able to attend a full workshop due to space, the facilitator may invite individuals on the list to attend periodic sessions while other attendees are away.

Can I register for more than three workshops?

Your Academy membership allows you to initially enrol for up to three workshops. During the registration process three spaces are held in each workshop for new members. Any spaces remaining July 1st are then opened up to members who are waitlisted. Once everyone has been accommodated, other members may register for a fourth workshop as space permits.

If I register in December, do I get a discount?

Membership in the Academy is based on a flat annual fee regardless of when in the registration year you join or how many sessions you attend.

Are registrations taken on a first-come / first-served basis?

To ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to get a space in the workshops of their choice, all registrations received during April are taken on an equal basis. Spots are then assigned early in May. Where there are more registrants than spaces, the spots are assigned through randomization and a waiting list is created.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I pay with my credit or debit card?

PayPal allows payment by credit card / debit card through its portal for individuals who don't have an account.

I am having trouble using PayPal.

Click here for a handy "tip" sheet on using PayPal to pay for Academy purposes.

I am having trouble registering for Academy events using Firefox.

Click here for a handy "tip" sheet on how you can address your browser problem.

I have registered for my 2017 / 2018 workshops, but have not yet received confirmation.

Confirmations for course registrations are sent out in early May, after the completion of the randomization process for oversubscribed courses. After that time, confirmation is sent out as registration is completed.

Can I obtain a receipt for my registration payment?

Your PayPal confirmation / transaction number serves as your receipt.

How quickly do workshops fill up?

Workshops fill up quickly from April to May; in early May, oversubscribed workshops are 'randomized' so that all members expressing an interest during the first weeks of registration have an equal opportunity to get a spot. After May, oversubscribed workshops have a wait list which operates on a first-come / first-served basis as spots open up.

How do I register if I am facilitating or co-facilitating a session?

You do not need to register for the workshop(s) that you are leading, only for those that you are attending as a participant. If you are not participating in any sessions other than the one you are leading, then please register and make a note that you are only facilitating / co-facilitating. Check the payment option drop-down menu as the rates vary based on your role.

3. Workshops

May I bring a guest to a workshop?

Check with your workshop facilitator(s) to inquire about bringing a guest to a session. Workshops welcome guests if space permits.

Do I have to make a presentation if I join a workshop?

Not all workshops require presentations, but where there is a presentation format, then all attendees will play a part. The independent exploration and research undertaken for the presentations is part of the learning experience at the Academy, and one of the ways it is different from other continuing education organizations that rely on a lecture format.

I need some help with my presentation slides. Is there some help available?

Each Academy workshop has a Tech Team member assigned to assist in the setup for presentations and the use of the microphone system. This person is a member of the workshop and takes on this additional responsibility to report any problems and assist when needed. As well, the Tech Team leadership organizes a weekly Tech Time so that Academy members can test their presentations out on Academy equipment (always recommended). It's also an opportunity to ask questions and get help. The time and place for Tech Time is announced via an email message and noted on the Academy's website.


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