Human Brain: Refreshed!

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Bi-weekly – Week 1 for Winter Term (Jan to Mar) ONLY ; Tuesday ; 2pm – 4pm

Terms 1 & 2 – via Zoom     Space available

Arrest cognitive decline… Join our workshop. We are back for a second year and have not exhausted any of our topics. We will explore many different points of view of the human brain drawn from sources as diverse as neuroscience, evolution, art history, psychology, physiology, molecular biology, technology, the senses, consciousness, sleep, and brain imaging. Each participant will get to choose from a wide variety of topics and then prepare to give a 20-25-minute presentation. Topics will be in the Workshop notes.  


Ron Miller( had a long career in the Aerospace industry after graduating as an engineer from McGill University. A long time ago as an undergraduate Ron worked on the analysis of EEG signals before deciding to build computers instead. Ron is interested in multidisciplinary topics such as climate change and the effect of technology on society when he is not playing tennis. Ron co-facilitated this workshop with Ernie Fallon in 2020/21 

Laura Tyson ( a York grad with  Hons. BA in Sociology & History. Deferring her teaching degree, Laura spent 25 years in the airline industry. She gained extensive experience in the computer reservation side of the Sabre Travel Information Network and spent 17 years in development and training. Laura unofficially assisted Ron Miller and Ernie Fallon in 2020/21 and is personally interested in Neuropsychology and how the brain can influence cognition and behaviours. She has studied Shiatsu and Reiki and is interested in how these modalities effect the brain and bodys nervous system. 

Workshop Notes:

This Workshop is returning for a second year after a well attended and interesting first year. The Presentation Topic list is also included in this “Notes” section and an updated summer reading list will be added shortly. Based on our experience of what people found interesting, we feel that we will put a little more emphasis on Psychology, and we will certainly be discussing brain health.

We have moved from our Monday time slot to Tuesdays and will be on Zoom for 2 terms.

Ernie, Laura, and I have had frequent discussions about running this workshop. Here is a short 10-minute audio excerpt of one of our conversations.


Presentation Topics