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Biweekly, Monday 10-12, Week 1
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The human brain is an extraordinary instrument. As seniors we may be subject to the incidental wear and tear of the aging process:  a faltering footstep, partial hearing loss, clouded eyesight, digestive rumblings, and creaks in the old wineskin. However, the fact that we have chosen to be members of a self- directed Academy for Lifelong Learning testifies to the stubbornness of our still active brain. In this workshop we will explore many different perspectives of the human brain drawn from sources as diverse as neuroscience, evolution, art history, psychology, technology, the self, the senses, and what dreams are made of. Each participant will get to choose from a wide variety of topics and then be prepared to give a 20-25-minute presentation.


Ernest Fallen ( is a retired physician who once dabbled in neuroscience research. He thanks the Academy for keeping his octogenarian brain fertile. ]

Ron Miller ( had a long career in the aerospace industry after graduating as an engineer from McGill University. He now spends his time making up for his narrow science and engineering education by participating in many Academy workshops. Ron is interested in multidisciplinary topics such as climate change when he is not playing tennis. Ron co-facilitated the Iran workshop in 2018/19.

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