I’m a Facilitator…. Now what??

Arrangements for the 2017 / 2018 Academy sessions are well underway, and you will no doubt have started to make preparations for your role as Facilitator. Whether this is your first time, or you are an old hand, you may have some questions. The Curriculum Committee has put together the following FAQs to help you out.

What are my responsibilities for setting up and tearing down the equipment in my classroom?
  • If your class is the first one of the day, then you will need to set up the presentation and AV equipment (laptop, projector, microphones, etc.),
  • If you are the last class of the day, then you will be responsible for putting everything away.
Are there rules of engagement around sharing the venue?
  • The room should be left clean and ready for the next group to come in immediately and start work. All items (coffee cups, lunch garbage, etc.) must be cleared away.
  • Please leave the room promptly so that the group coming in next does not lose time from their session. This means wrapping up your discussion promptly and encouraging your group to do their after-class chatting in the lounge. A good rule of thumb is to end the workshop 5 minutes before the hour to give everyone time to wrap up.
  • Please be aware of the noise level in your classroom so that it does not distract nearby groups.
Am I responsible for creating the attendance sheet for my workshop?
  • The Membership Committee will provide a blank attendance sheet and an up-to-date class list. They will be in a hanging folder in your classroom. This hanging folder is the way that class information will be shared with you (updated class lists, etc.) during the term – remember to watch for new information from time to time. Please circulate the attendance sheet at each session.
Am I responsible for creating the nametags for my group?
  • The Membership Committee will provide tent cards for nametags, markers, and an up-to-date class list. They will be in a hanging folder in your classroom. This hanging folder is the way that class information will be shared with you (updated class lists, etc.) during the term. Remember to check for new information from time to time.
How do I handle the technology for my workshop?
  • You are not expected to do the support work required for the computer AV and microphone systems; this is handled under the auspices of the Tech Team.
  • Prior to the commencement of the workshops in September, you will be contacted by someone from the Academy’s Tech Team to confirm who the Tech Team support is in your workshop. If there is no trained Tech Team member in your group, you will need to encourage and name a volunteer who will then be trained by the Tech Team.
  • Avoid technical problems with presentations that use the computer/AV system, by asking all inexperienced presenters to run their presentations on Academy equipment either during a Tech Time or at time to be arranged with the Tech Team.
  • Only the Academy laptop in the room should be used for presentations. All workshop members who have a presentation (using software like PowerPoint) should bring it to the session on a USB so that it can be run on the Academy-provided laptop. The laptop should not be removed from the cart; if presenters wish to stand, there is a presentation remote that can be used to advance the slides.
  • Each classroom is equipped with microphones so that presenters and participants can be easily heard. As a facilitator, please ensure that the hand-held microphone is passed around to aid in discussions and that workshop members know the proper way to hold the microphone (directly in front of the mouth, but held slightly away). Presenters should also use either the hands-free mike or the hand-held mike – even if they have strong speaking voices.
  • From time to time, the Tech Team will conduct one-hour seminars for Facilitators so that you can become familiar with the equipment in your classroom. Information on the sessions, along with contact information for the Tech Team leaders, will be sent out as the term begins.
What if a member of my workshop wishes to bring a guest?
  • It is up to you whether or not you allow guests at your workshop. In making your decision you should keep in mind whether or not you have a waiting list and the size of your classroom.
What do I do if my room is locked when the session is due to begin?
  • The key to your classroom can be obtained from the Knox receptionist.
What do I do about my waiting list?
  • As workshop members may be away for periods of time (especially during the winter) there is an opportunity for waitlisted members to attend sessions. You may find it useful to identify – early on – where there might be some of these openings for those on the waitlist. Often the waitlisted Academy members can be fully integrated during the academic year.
May we share food and drink at the workshop?
  • You are welcome to share treats at your workshops, but Knox does not permit alcoholic beverages in the facility. Just remember to ensure that the classroom is clean when you leave.
Am I responsible for collecting feedback about my workshop?
  • Each Fall, the Academy emails a survey to workshop members. The results of these surveys will be shared with you.
What is the Facilitator’s Forum?
  • Once each year, in the Spring, the Academy holds a Forum where facilitators can network to share ideas, address challenges, and create new approaches to keep the Academy’s workshops fresh and engaging. It is a very worthwhile event. Click here to see the report from the 2017 Forum; it contains some good ideas. The 2018 Facilitator's Forum will be held on April 17, 2018. Details will be sent out near the date.
  • In February of each year there will be a survey circulated to all Facilitators. This will give you a good opportunity to provide feedback.