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The Academy for Lifelong Learning Toronto offers a full program of workshops, talks, walks, special interest groups and special events for seniors and older adults who want to be part of an active community.

The Academy is a not-for-profit organization operated by volunteers, with a mission to promote learning and collegiality through the exchange of ideas and stimulating discussion. Formed in 1991, the Academy attracts members who are intellectually curious, interested in exploring and understanding the world, sharing ideas, and meeting others in a learning environment that is fun and supportive. The Academy has a long association with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

Workshops are held during the day and most participants come from Toronto and the surrounding region.  Some workshops are available online / Zoom-only and allow for virtual attendance from practically anywhere.

During the Fall and Winter terms, we offer a wide-ranging program of workshops and discussion groups led by Academy members, complemented by a series of Forums, and Spring Talks in April and May. Special Interest Groups, walks and special events that bring members together socially are also held throughout the year.

Academy members join or renew their membership and pay an annual membership fee which allows members to register for up to four workshops and have full access to all talks and events.

In 2020, the Academy moved to new headquarters at Tartu College, 310 Bloor Street West, in downtown Toronto, between the Spadina and St. George subway stations.




Workshops are offered on a wide range of topics including the arts, science, history, current affairs, and film. They are developed and led by Academy members called “facilitators”. Some workshops operate as discussion groups where members may lead a discussion on a specific topic. In other workshops, members research and deliver presentations on the subject of their choice and lively discussion follows. Workshops run in the Fall and Winter from September to March so members typically join / renew memberships in April but may join / renew anytime (except February / March) for the current Academy year.


Forums are held during the Fall and Winter terms. They provide an opportunity for members and guests to hear talks on a wide range of topics, many given by outside experts. The Forums include an annual debate by Academy members and a session featuring impressive Workshop presentations from the previous year.

Spring Talks

Spring Talks are held on Wednesday mornings in April and May, this series features well-known speakers who present thought-provoking talks on a broad range of topics for members and guests.


Academy members can join walks through Toronto neighborhoods, followed by lunches at local restaurants. Walks are scheduled year round.

Special Events and Activities

The Academy hosts events and activities for its members throughout the year, including a series of Special Interest Groups, and events such as luncheons, celebrations of volunteer work, and Annual General Meeting (AGM) receptions.


The Academy keeps its members and other readers up to date through the website “News” page and the Academy Quarterly Review, an online publication devoted to the interests and opinions of our members. The AQR typically features interviews, reviews of Academy and current events, book reviews, and reports on Workshops.

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The Academy for Lifelong Learning Toronto is a not-for-profit organization operated by volunteers for people interested in peer study and dialogue. Our mission is to promote learning and collegiality through the exchange of ideas and stimulating discussion.

Core Values and Beliefs

Members of the Academy:

  • Value intellectual challenge, diversity of opinion and new ideas
  • Value education and continued learning in a variety of subject areas
  • Believe learning takes place through a variety of activities and formats, including research, presentations and the exchange of information and ideas through stimulating discussion
  • Value sharing experiences and ideas with peers in social and informal learning activities
  • Believe that a volunteer organization depends on individuals who share a sense of responsibility to contribute to the organization



  1. To provide a program of daytime peer-led workshops based on self-directed learning
  2. To promote a collegial atmosphere by providing opportunities for social activity
  3. To remain a not-for-profit, volunteer organization
  4. To ensure the long-term viability of the Academy


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