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Biweekly, Friday  12-2, Week 1
space available

Partly inspired by Sally Armstrong’s 2019 Massey lectures: Power Shift: The Longest Revolution and partly by the Academy’s 2019 Fall Forum debate, this workshop provides an opportunity to discuss fiction through the lens of gender equity. We’ll explore how the  literary voice has evolved, becoming increasingly salient and diversified. Selected books include adult and child/youth classic and contemporary fiction, male and female authors, and light to heavier reads that range from charming to powerfully moving. Authors include Toni Morrison, Robert Munsch, Michael Cunningham, Deborah Ellis, and Katherina Vermette. Members are expected to read each session’s book and present once, choosing to focus on either the author, Massey lecture themes, issues raised in the novel, and/or a literary analysis of the book. They have the option to present the book independently or in collaboration with others.


Trudy Akler ( loves to analyze literature and synthesize ideas. Her experience includes arts and gifted education (35 years), book club presentations (27 years), the Global Art Project for Peace (15 years) and a lifetime of creative projects.

Donna Reid ( brings 30 years’ experience as a children’s mental health practitioner and post-secondary educator. She considers critical voices and lively engagement as essential in peer led learning.

Workshop Notes:

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