Category: Workshops Exploring The History Of Food and Drink

October 26, 2017, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Knox College
59 St. George St
Toronto, ON M5S 2E6

Knox College
59 St. George St
M5S 2E6

Did you know that you could be divorced for not providing your wife with enough coffee? Or that the search for a way to obtain spices from the east led to the great Age of Exploration? Since earliest times, foods and beverages have transformed human culture and acted as a catalyst for social change, political organization, industrial development, military conflict, religious worship, geographic exploration, and economic expansion.

Join us as we discuss business in the coffee houses of London, travel the spice trail with a caravan, balance the humours, and speculate about what food might be like in the future.


Cathy Spark,, A marketing & communications practitioner, Cathy is an avid reader and passionate learner about all things social history and likes nothing better than sharing that excitement and exchanging ideas with others.

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