Category: Workshops Who Owns The Arctic

January 9, 2018, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Knox College
59 St. George St
Toronto, ON M5S 2E6

Knox College
59 St. George St
M5S 2E6

The North is part of Canada's Brand, but what do we know of it and its people? This course will explore the complexities and uncertainties of this part of Canada, where the pace of climate change is affecting the lives of the people, land and sea animals. Michael Byers' book, Who Owns the Arctic?, updated on Google during 2016, will guide us as we examine major issues such as Governance, the International Law of the Sea, Geopolitics, Resources, Industries, Trade and Shipping. Our key concern will be inclusion and respect for indigenous people and how to balance the Economy and the Environment.


Nancy Russell, Nancy worked with the Canadian Institute of International Affairs and made ocean voyages to the Eastern Arctic in 2000 and 2001; she has an ongoing love for our northern land and peoples.

Anne Beaumont, A recent member of the Academy, Anne is a professional planner who spent most of her career with the Provincial Government, most recently as Assistant Deputy Minister of Housing Policy.

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