Membership Committee Procedures & Guidelines (April 2017)

1. Index

FileMaker Pro can be used either on the Web or as a program downloaded onto a computer. Normally, the downloaded program would be on a home computer for regular use. However, the web edition can be used from an internet connection just about anywhere even on an iPad or iPod touch. Changes can thus be made easily and "on the fly" with the Web edition. To access layouts other than the main Membership Record on the Web version, click on the file folder icon at the top left of the screen and select Layout for a choice of available layouts.

2. Using FIND

3. Registration Guidelines

3.1 Checking Payment

4. Registration Validation Procedure

  • Checklist for processing registration
  • Using the "Review User Registration" Layout – detailed steps
  • Facilitator Codes and Fees
  • Status Codes – Registered Members
  • User Status Table – System Generated
  • Potential vs New Members
  • Messages and Explanations
  • Using the Member Information Record to add workshops
  • Checking for Overlapping Timeslots in a Group of Records

5. Entering Workshops and Facilitators on the database

5.1 Cancelling Workshops

6. Spring Talks

6.1 Spring Talks Form

7. Randomization

7.1 Randomization Process Explained in One Sheet

7.2 Split Workshops & Class Dist Lists

8. Confirmation and Waitlist Procedure

8.1 Withdrawals

9. Name Badges and Mailing Labels

10. Class Lists and Attendance Sheet

11. Schedule of tasks


12.1 Volunteer Coordinator Procedures