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Biweekly, Monday  10-12, Week 1
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Memoir, unlike autobiography, is the art of reminiscing about particular events, people and/or time periods in our lives and is becoming increasingly popular. As in previous years, participants will present extracts from their own writing or that of a published memoir. Ideas/prompts are offered to stimulate writing in class and provide a source for longer pieces. Time will be given to share these explorations in a safe and inviting atmosphere. Participants are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to sharers (who request it), as learning from others is a significant component of this workshop.


Kathy Honickman ( is a retired French and Special Education teacher of 37 years. She is inspired by the stories of others, believes that humour saves all, and does some of her best memoir planning in the kitchen.

Sally Spofforth ( conducts leadership workshops in Toronto schools. She enjoys hearing the stories of others and is excited by the creative possibilities in the making of memoirs.

Janet Tyrell ( is a retired librarian enjoying various Academy offerings. Registered in the Memoirs workshop for several years, she loves to share her stories of growing up in Nevis, W. I.

Workshop Notes:

to follow