Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Portraits Then and Now

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Bi-weekly – Week 1 – Thursday – 2pm – 4pm

Term 1 – via Zoom; Term 2 – Tartu (tbc)     Space Available

Portraits and self-portraits have been a fundamental part of painting, sculpture, and photography and still fascinate us. We will look at a variety of portraits by such artists as Rembrandt, Egon Schiele, Alice Neel, Cindy Sherman, and others.   We will also explore questions such as What do portraits tell us about the artist and/or the subject?”,   “How have portraits been used throughout history?”,  “How have portraits changed over time?”, Are portraits done by male and female artists different?”, and  “How has photography influenced portrait painting and sculpture?”  Each participant will do a 15–20-minute presentation, followed by a discussion.  An art background is NOT required for this workshop. 


Yvette Matyas(ymatyas5351@rogers.com) studiedpsychologyas anundergraduate at McGill. She worked for over 20 years in healthcare administration, including leading teams and facilitating retreats. She has co-facilitated Academy workshops on Architecture, Ageing, Birds, Dance, andPandemics.Yvette loves art and has gone to many museums and galleries. 

Alan Silverman(alan.silverman@utoronto.ca) is a semi-retired teacher and high-school administrator who still works part time at OISE.He has facilitated workshops on art, the Israel/Palestine conflict, and birds.He is a fanatic jazz fan and plays saxophone and clarinet. 

Workshop Notes:

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