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Biweekly, Monday  12-2, Week 2
Workshop Full

The twentieth century spawned many remarkable men and women, from all walks of life, who greatly influenced the world around them, for better or for worse.  In this workshop we will examine their lives and legacies. There are outstanding examples to choose from in the fields of science and medicine; the arts and entertainment; business and finance; politics and law; and, increasingly, social consciousness.  An initial list of possible candidates for discussion will be provided but participants are encouraged to suggest others. Everyone will be required to research and make a 20-minute presentation, illustrated if possible, to be followed by group discussion.


Gillian Long  ( welcomes the opportunity to discuss famous people with Academy colleagues after several years of talking about important buildings.

Rhona Wolpert ( has enjoyed the social and intellectual stimulation of the Academy for some years now.  She has always been fascinated by news breakers (positive or negative) from all walks of life and looks forward to discussing examples with enthusiastic Academy members.

Workshop Notes:

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