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Viewing the City’s Urban Art – August 14th Walk

Thanks, Ken, for this truly unique stroll through a wildly ‘graffitied’ Kensington Market and along Queen East laneways that felt as though we had stumbled into the back ways of Santa Domingo.  Amazing stuff all!! Every year delightful…..every year enough artistic changes to make a repeat viewing much to be  looked for ward to. Rene…

Seeing the World Through Curious Eyes

Bridget Hough captured some of Toronto’s interesting street art on a recent Academy walk

As Webmaster, I am lucky enough to see a number of wonderful photographs that cross my “desk” for use on the Academy website. From time to time a photo stands out for its subject, perspective, skill, or just for the creative eye of the photographer. I thought that it would be nice to share these photos with all Academy members so that they can enjoy them as well.

Comedians in Search of Gigs

Following the success of the Academy’s first stand-up comedy workshop last year, and the hilarious show they put on for the Academy Spring Talks, Michael Cole is taking his comedy troupe on the road, and is looking for bookings. For those who missed the Spring Forum, here are highlights from the “Laughing is the Best…

Sheilagh Hickie Participates with TAN at International Conference on Ageing

Five Third Age Learning members took part in a workshop at the 14th Global Conference on Ageing on August 8 at Ryerson University.

The International Federation on Ageing was formed in 1973, and now has consultative status at the United Nations and its agencies. According to president Bjarne Hastrup, it is “working towards changing attitudes and creating a world where older people have a right to a good quality of life and are accepted and welcomed as contributing, active members of our communities.”

Most of the presentations ….

The Maple Leaf Forever – a Walk and a Memory Jog

For the July 24th Academy walkers it was ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’ remembered. Led by our dedicated walks-coordinator and leader, Ken Snelson, the group started out in the historic Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens, which are named after the famed composer Alexander Muir, who penned the patriotic song ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’ in 1867. The maple leaf appears throughout the gardens in various decorative and natural forms. Since none of the group could recite the words to this patriotic tune, an enroute iPhone YouTube recording refreshed our collective memories. Our path continued …..

A Ramble on the Humber Trails

Sheltering from the heat and admiring indigenous artwork Under the guidance of leader Jennifer Worth, the Academy walkers headed south from the Old Mill along the Discovery Walk on the Shared Path of the beautiful Humber trails, admiring, en route, the indigenous artwork painted on various bridge support columns. At the end of the route,…

Hot Enough For You??

Well, for the 10 intrepid Academy walkers who gathered one steamy Tuesday morning at St. Clair West Station, it certainly was hot enough…. but it got even hotter as they wandered the trails of the beautiful historic Wychwood Park Community, past Casa Loma with a peek into Spadina Gardens, then down the many steps into the shade of the Nordheimer Ravine, and ending our near-two-hour steamy journey in the air-conditioned spaces of Boccone Deli on Yonge Street for a delicious lunch.

report from the trails by Renje Laukat

An Adventure ‘Across the Water’

Thanks to Mike Foss for leading us onto sandy beaches and shady trails on the beautiful Toronto Islands on July 10th.  There were 15 of the ‘long’ walkers disembarking the Toronto Island ferry at Hanlan’s Island, with most joining the ‘short’ walkers  a couple of hours later for lunch in the shade of the Island…

A Fond Farewell

It is with sadness that we say a fond farewell to former Academy member Lyla Barclay, who passed away recently of Parkinsons Disease. Lyla and her husband, Tony, joined the Academy together in 1995, and were active members for 20 years. Lyla’s involvement in the Academy was varied – running the gamut from President to…

Academy Quarterly Review Q2 2018 – full version

Q2, 2018 Welcome to the new Academy Quarterly Review Welcome to issue two of the Academy Quarterly Review – fondly referred to as AQR! Our website brings you Academy information and news on a regular basis. Information on Walks, Forums, Talks, Member Spotlights, accomplishments and opportunities can now be seen “as they happen,” as it…