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Academy Forum – Presenting the Presenters

Moderated by Linda Tu In 1920, Woodrow Wilson received his Nobel Peace Prize for his role as the founder of  the League of Nations. In 1922, Fridtjof Nansen won for his work on behalf of displaced victims of WW1, specifically the Nansen Passport, an internationally recognized refugee travel document issued by the League to stateless refugees. In 1925 and 1926,…

Do You Notice Anything New On Our Website’s Masthead?

As our president, Sue Kralik, communicated a few weeks ago, the Academy has revised its name to include “Toronto”.    Our new name is Academy for Lifelong Learning Toronto – to make it more closely aligned with who we are and to differentiate our Academy for Lifelong Learning from others in North America.  We now…

China Aggressively on the March : Academy Forum Report

Contemporary Chinese Espionage was the focus of one of the Academy’s Winter Forums. The speaker was Olivier Courteaux, who holds a doctorate in Contemporary International Relations from the University of Paris-Sorbonne. He has also lectured in Canada at Ryerson University and the Royal Military College. The audience was treated to an excellent analysis of current…

Hot Off The Press!

Congratulations to long-time Academy member LORNA POPLAK whose new book THE DON: THE STORY OF TORONTO’S INFAMOUS JAIL has just been published and is readily available. As always, you are encouraged to support local booksellers. Conceived as a “palace for prisoners,” the Don Jail never lived up to its promise. Although based on progressive nineteenth-century penal…

Forum Report -Indigenous Awareness: How To Build Better Relations With Indigenous Peoples

Perhaps the most fraught conversations in contemporary North American society are ones that take place across racial divides. Even with the best of intentions, they often founder on ignorance, misinformation and insensitivity. The talk by Lindsay (Swooping Hawk) Kretschmer, Executive Director of the Toronto Aboriginal Support Services Council, was therefore very useful in thinking about how non-indigenous Canadians can interact with and support Native Peoples. While emphasizing that she spoke only for herself, her engaging presentation drew on experiences that are sadly familiar to too many First Nations, Metis and Inuit people.

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Welcome to the Winter 2020 Academy Quarterly Review!

We are pleased to announce that the Winter 2020 issue of AQR is now available. Enjoy!

A Safe Room with a View: Housing Options for Seniors in the Age of Pandemics

The first Academy forum of 2021 provided a timely and informative discussion of options and considerations for seniors housing.  In an interactive discussion Ian Darragh interviewed panelists Laura Tamblyn Watts, CEO of CanAge, Josh Matlow, City Councillor for Toronto-St. Paul’s, and Sue Lantz, MPA, Managing Director of Collaborative Aging. Panelists noted that while 8% of…

Reliable Research Confirms That Older Adults Who Volunteer Enjoy Higher Levels of Well-being, Enhanced Physical Capacity and Greater Life Satisfaction

Now is the time to test this research yourself, and, as an added benefit, get to know members from different workshops.

The Academy has a unique governing style. We have no paid staff but rely completely on member volunteers to facilitate workshops and serve on the committees that keep our Academy running smoothly. Since committee membership is limited to two – three years, this is the time of year when we look for new volunteers.

Reporting from the Trails – Academy Walk – October 13

On the day after Thanksgiving, thirteen of us  were very grateful for the absolutely perfect Fall morning that greeted us for what turned out to be a  gorgeous 3-hour walk.  From our St. Clair meet-up, heading down the beautiful Avoca trail, crossing Mt. Pleasant Blvd then continuing along the Beltline Trail along Mud Creek  to…