1. Prison Madness – Finland as a place for humane imprisonmernt, the US not so much

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3. Destructive Austerity – the deficit obsession of 2010-2015 did permanent damage .

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5. Tree Planting – Canada should launch a national tree-planting effort to help fight climate change

6. J Edgar Hoover – Who knew that library classifications were used to hide illegal activity?

7. Jeff Bezos – How this billionaire made Amazon one of the world’s biggest companies

8. DNA Testing – Results can lead to challenging dynamics. Adoption reunions aren’t a sprint – they’re a marathon

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23. Let’s Not Put Up Walls to the World

24. If History is any Indication the COVID-19 Recession Won’t be Easy to Shake Off

25. Women In Prison – A growing movement believes it is time to stop putting women in jail

26. The Two Michaels & the US & China – We’re caught between a rock and a hard place

27. ZOOM & the justice system – There’s a place for it

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29. Conspiracy Culture – Our media skills are being put to the test

30. Globalization – Let’s not put up walls

31. Your New Year’s Diet is Doomed – Ultra Processed Foods Give Us No Chance to Lose Weight and Eat in a Healthy Manner