Opinions – some article titles

Here are the titles of some of the articles that are available for discussion during the workshop.

You can click here to access the articles themselves once the workshop begins.


1. Prison Madness – Finland as a place for humane imprisonmernt, the US not so much

2. Unplug the Internet – 4 questions to ask before you do

3. Destructive Austerity – he deficit obsession of 2010-2015 did permanent damage .

4. J Edgar Hoover – Who knew that library classifications were used to hide illegal activity?

5. Jeff Bezos – How this billionaire made Amazon one of the world’s biggest companies

6. DNA Testing – Results can lead to challenging dynamics. Adoption reunions aren’t a sprint – they’re a marathon.

7. Posthumous Use Of Gametes Is Now A Thing

8. Alberta Should Be Wary of NGOs

9. We Have Too Few Psychiatrists

10. Airbnb Crowds Housing Market

11. Are Minority Governments Worth It?

12. Will COVID-19 be the great economic equalizer?

13. Are libraries good for the book publishing industry

14. Are sports stadiums obsolete now?

15. Let’s Not Put Up Walls to the World

16. .If History is any Indication the COVID-19 Recession Won’t be Easy to Shake Off

17. ZOOM & the justice system – There’s a place for it

18. A Cubicle Never Looked so Good – Young people who work from home risk remaining unknown quantities

19. Conspiracy Culture – Our media skills are being put to the test

20. Your New Year’s Diet is Doomed – Ultra Processed Foods Give Us No Chance to Lose Weight and Eat in a Healthy Manner

21. Affordable Child Care – What’s taking Canada so long?

22. How Canadian Media Talks About Race – Why are we so far behind the US?

23. Earth’s Orbit – Is this the world’s next battleground?

24. Democracy and Inequality – Meet the change agents who are enabling inequality

25. Conservative Politicians & Public Health – In a pandemic, there’s a job to be done ensuring public safety

26. Conspiracy Theories – The human preference for plausible meaning over stubborn facts makes us especially susceptible in a world constantly flooded with information

27. Can Denser Be Better? – Commuting, health outcomes, housing affordability and environmental sustainability are all potential benefits

28. QAnon in Canada – Its present and how do we respond?

29. Seven Steps to Save the Planet – Bill Gates on how to avoid a climate disaster

30. Mars is a Hellhole – Is colonising the red planet a way to help humanity?

31. What Are The Sperm Telling Us? Something alarming is happening between the legs

32. Is Big Tech Ungovernable? Holding tech platforms accountable is a huge issue and it has impacts on liberal democracy itself

33. Nurses Need to be Heard – They protect us from COVID-19, but who protects them?

34. Streamlining Canada’s Immigration Policy – The pandemic has shone a light on rethinking things

35. Do Liberals Care if Books Disappear? – The Dr Seuss cancellation illustrates all of the problems that they used to have with censorship

36. Plans for a Post COVID World – 9 eminent Canadians weigh in with their opinions

37. Seniors’ Pandemic Treatment – in a word, it’s shameful

38. City Urban Planning – YES, in my backyard

39. Solving Wealth Inequality – Thomas Piketty’s plan includes progressive taxation

40. Everyone Leaves Home – First the kids, then the dog, then us

41. This Tax Is An Important Step Towards a Fairer World

42. The Wind and Solar Boom is Here

43. Why Meat Eating Must End

44. Elementary Education Has Gone Terribly Wrong

45. Should Canada Leave Nato?

46. What Florence Nightingale Can Teach Us

47. Is Sharing the Vaccine an Obligation?

48. Ravine Lands It’s Time To Tip the Balance in Nature’s Favour

49. Toronto Ravines A Place of Magic and Mystery

50. Believing Responsibly – The “Ethics of Belief”

51. Consolation – this can be the work of a lifetime

52. It’s Never the Wrong Time to Stand up for Democracy

53. Why Would a Marine Call Himself a “Racketeer for Capitalism”?

54. Quebec’s Commission on Academic Freedom Takes a Courageous Stride

55. Tax credits for carbon capture projects will just encourage more carbon emissions

56. With child-care program Trudeau finds a model for influencing provincial policy

57. Why an investigation into cheating on Ontario bar exams may point to a $15 billion online industry

58. War, what is it good for?

59. This Is Putin’s War. But America and NATO Aren’t Innocent Bystanders.

60. The Liberals promise big spending on child care. The Conservatives, not so much

61. Protesters need to understand- Canada’s Charter is not the U.S. Bill of Rights

62. Our shared reality – and the knowledge that undergirds it – is being assaulted

63. Our recovery hinges on transit

64. Opinion protesters

65. You Just Can’t Tell the Truth About America Anymore

66. Long banned in Ontario, private hospitals could soon reappear

67. Does the future of clean energy include nuclear power?

68. COVID-19 has highlighted — not caused — current health care problems in Canada

69. An epic fail on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ suggests the movie ‘Idiocracy’ might be a prophecy

70. Convoy Shows How the Far right has Co-opted Concept of Freedom

71. Vladimir Putin attempts at empire-building

72. Elon Musk Believes in Free Speech At All Costs And Now He Is On The Board at Twitter – I Am Worried about What’s Coming Next

73. One Word in Gloomy UN Climate Change Report This Week Included “Colonialism” For The First Time. Decolonisation Has To Be Part Of The Solution

74. Racist News Coverage Of Ukraine Isn’t Just Hurtful – It Undermines Real Humanitarian Action

75. Will Vladimir Putin Be Allowed To Lose Gracefully

76. Over A Quarter Of Canada’s Top Earners Barely Pay Any Tax. Will A New Minimum Tax Help?

77. Should Russia be Kicked off of International Bodies like the G20?

78. Why It’s Time to Start Caring Much More About Clean Hydrogen

79. Remote Access: Work From Home