Past Walks

Allan Gardens and Cabbagetown Holiday Walk - Monday, December 5, 2022

Start: 2:00 pm

Leader: Rene Laukat

Meet: College Park (TTC College) Ground Floor (College Street) near Tim Hortons

Route: Allan Gardens and Cabbagetown

Refreshments: Stout Irish Pub, 221 Carlton Street near Parliament Street

Rosedale to Cabbagetown Halloween Walk - October 31, 2022

Start: 3 pm (was 3:30)

Leader: Rene Laukat

Meet: Ramsden Park (across from TTC Rosedale Station)

Route: Circling Rosedale and Cabbagetown Communities, ending Parliament and Carlton Street

Refreshments: House on Parliament, 454 Parliament Street

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Humber North Walk - October 24, 2022

Start: 11 am

Leader: Josie Szczasiuk

Meet: Old Mill Subway

Route: North on west side to Dundas bridge and back to Jane/Bloor’s Dark Horse Pub. All paved.

Lunch: Dark Horse Pub

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Summerhill Area Walk - October 12, 2022

Start: 10 am

Leader: Donna Oke

Meet: Summerhill Subway Station, end at Rosedale Subway Station

Route: This neighborhood is named after ‘Summer Hill’ house, a magnificent Regency Cottage built in 1842 by Charles Thompson. Learn some History of the Neighbourhood, Walk the Avoca Trail and end at Rosedale Subway Station.

Lunch: Rebel House on Yonge Street, Toronto

Beltline Trail Walk - October 3, 2022

Start: 11 am

Leader: Rene Laukat

Meet: TTC Eglinton WEST Station (near Bathurst)

Route: South/East along Kay Gardner Beltline to Yonge Street, circling into Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, ending Davisville/Yonge St.

Lunch: The Bull: Firkin Pub, 1835 Yonge St., Toronto

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