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Biweekly, Monday 10-12, Week 2
space available

This workshop will cover the science behind the physical fitness imperative and the various ways we can become fit or maintain our fitness as we age. Each participant will pick from a number of topics dealing with the science of fitness and the various modalities that are available. Presentations will be given and discussed in the first hour. In the second hour you may choose to try some simple exercises, while seated or standing, to illustrate the techniques discussed. Additionally, some techniques will be demonstrated so that participants may try or practice them at home. While this is not a fitness class or a work-out, participants are encouraged to wear loose comfortable clothing and to bring a tennis ball and stretch band to the workshop.


Priscilla Platt has been a life-long fitness enthusiast. After retiring three years ago, she became a certified Pilates instructor and has been teaching fitness classes weekly since then.

Patti Stoll ( developed a commitment to fitness after being handed a prescription from a doctor to ‘just walk 30 minutes daily’. After retiring as a professor of management she expanded her research interests to exploring the connections between fitness, happiness, diet, fun, and a good life.

Workshop Notes:

Click here to access the workshop notes for Physical Fitness and Aging