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Bi-Weekly – Week 2 ; Thursday ; 10am – 12pm

Term 1 – via Zoom; Term 2 – Tartu (tbc)

Because of recent events around the world there has been a lot of media attention paid to Populism. This workshop will try to clarify what Populism is and where it fits into a discussion of political and social movements both past and present. For example, should the French Revolution be considered a result of a populist movement? The Russian Revolution? The decolonization movements in the Global South? The Tea Party movement in the US? The Arab Spring? Have the lack of economic opportunities and disparity of wealth been factors? Do ethnic and religious identities or race play a part? Where does a populist movement fit on our Left-Right political spectrum. Participants will research some aspect of this subject and prepare a short presentation (20-30 minutes) to share with the group, with a discussion to follow. The facilitators will help with choosing suitable topics for presentations if necessary. 


Anita Gore ( was born in India and immigrated to Canada at the age of 25. Working mainly as a computer programmer, she took some time off to pursue a degree in Third World Studiesat York University. She joined the academy in 2016 and this has greatly enhanced her retirement. 

Peter Steiner( retired from teaching high school physics and chemistry about 15 years ago. Academy interests include science, technology, history, art, and current events.

Workshop Notes: