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Biweekly, Thursday  10-12, Week 2
space available

Propaganda has existed as far back as reliable recorded evidence exists. Now thought of as a nefarious thing; prior to WWI it was an accepted way to shape ideas.

Through presentations and lively discussion, we will explore:

  • the definition of propaganda
  • techniques like radio, film, speeches, print/posters, music and iconography
  • the role that propaganda has played in areas like war; science and health; religion; politics; advertising; and journalism
  • current issues in the era of social media and “fake news”
  • great propagandists like Hitler, Julius Caesar, Michael Moore, Stalin, and Tokyo Rose

Each workshop member will be required to give a 20-minute presentation. There won’t be a required reading list, but we will develop a detailed bibliography for further exploration.


Cathy Spark ( A marketing, strategic communication and change management practitioner, Cathy is passionately curious about all things social history. She likes nothing better than sharing that excitement by exploring and exchanging ideas with others.

Workshop Notes: