Scams And Scammers

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Bi-weekly – Week 1 ; Wednesday ; 10am – 12pm

Term 1 – via Zoom; Term 2 – Tartu (tbc)     Space available

In this workshop, we will explore the fascinating world of scams and scammers in the real and digital worlds, both past and present. Some scammers are infamous and have been prosecuted, but countless scammers operate without being exposed. Possible topics include bank scams, pyramid and Ponzi schemes, dating scams, phishing, email scams, classic swindles, black widows”, food scams, “reality TV”, rental and real estate scams, as well as any other scams and scammers members wish to research. Members will be asked to present on a topic of their choice. 


Ross Lintonis a Q.C. and a Master Emeritus of the Superior Court of Justice. With the exception of one year, he has been a facilitator of workshops at the Academy since it began. 

Sandra Lintonhas been an Academy member for the past eleven years and a facilitator for the last five years. Her career as a software training specialist and instructional designer in the corporate world has kept her busy for more than 25 years. 

Workshop Notes: